Foto Özay is the first color film laboratory and studio of Famagusta region established in Famagusta in 1972.


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Phone: +90 392 366 2204

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Photography is love
In our opinion, photography does not come from only "Light" and "Composition".
In our opinion, Photography is love
Foto Özay
Since the day he was founded, he is working on Engagement, Wedding and Portrait photography. The passion of the photographer who passed from the father to the son has a big share in increasing the success in the profession. Photography Özay Cyprus photographer Cemal and Raşit ÖZAY continue to work with a professional team and become the most international wedding photographers. Foto Özay, with a total of 40 awards in international arena, has been shown among the best 150 International Wedding Photographers in the world in 2016. Our main philosophy is to present creative and different works to our customers and to present photographs that do not pass the generation of fashion.